Arcadia Quest 阿卡迪亞戰記



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阿卡迪亞戰記 Arcadia Quest |香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong


阿卡迪亞戰記 Arcadia Quest |香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong



阿卡迪亞戰記 Arcadia Quest |香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong




  • 1本戰役指南
  • 4張公會面板
  • 1本遊戲規則
  • 12張英雄卡牌
  • 42張怪物卡牌
  • 161張升級卡牌
  • 24張死亡詛咒卡牌
  • 21張任務卡牌
  • 1本戰役進度表
  • 37個模型
  • 22枚房門標記
  • 9張雙面遊戲板塊
  • 5枚增援標記
  • 1張增援板塊
  • 18枚探索標記
  • 100枚公會標記
  • 70枚金幣
  • 24枚死亡標記
  • 8枚傳送點標記
  • 8顆攻擊骰
  • 6顆防禦骰
  • 60枚傷害標記
  • 15個模型底座

🔗  中文規則說明書下載 (PDF)

適用卡套: 7x12cm (約21 張卡牌) /6.4×8.9cm (約53 張卡牌)/4.3×6.5cm (約185 張卡牌)



In Arcadia Quest, players lead guilds of intrepid heroes on an epic campaign to dethrone the vampire lord and reclaim the mighty Arcadia for their own. But only one guild may lead in the end, so players must battle against each other as well as against the monstrous occupying forces.

Arcadia Quest is a campaign-based game for 2 to 4 players, where each player controls a guild of three unique heroes, facing off against the other players and the various monsters controlled by the game. Players need to accomplish a series of quests in order to win each scenario and choose where to go next in the campaign.

Players are able to choose the path their campaign takes, navigating through six out of eleven available scenarios, so each time the campaign is played it can have a different configuration of scenarios. As the campaign progresses, the heroes are able to acquire new weapons, equipment and abilities that give them powerful options to tackle the obstacles ahead. Furthermore, by fulfilling specific quests in a scenario, players unlock exclusive features in subsequent scenarios.


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