Barony 騎士紋章


Splendor 璀璨寶石》作者 Marc André 的最新作品,在遊戲中,玩家扮演著野心勃勃的貴族,透過手段擴大自己統治的領土,誰能夠在眾諸侯中脫穎而出,最後加冕為王呢?

As a baron extend your dominion to conquer land and become the new King!

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介紹 Description

在帝國遙遠的邊境上,四家男爵貴族陷入了殘酷的權力鬥爭。各家的騎士團都採取了戰略部署,為領主擴張疆域以及興建村莊、城市以及要塞。權力的爭奪沒有退 路,最終只有一家貴能成就一方霸業!

騎士紋章Barony| 香港桌遊天地 Welcome on Board Game Club Hong Kong|中世紀貴族勢力家庭策略遊戲2-4人二人

強打遊戲《Splendor 璀璨寶石》作者 Marc André 的最新作品,在遊戲中,玩家扮演著野心勃勃的貴族,透過手段擴大自己統治的領土,誰能夠在眾諸侯中脫穎而出,最後加冕為王呢?

遊戲人數: 2 – 4人
遊戲時間: 約45分
遊戲年齡: 14歲+
語言版本: 繁體中文


【一群和你玩桌游】 教学视频第4期—骑士纹章 Barony



  • 1張記分板
  • 4個計分指示物
  • 4張玩家輔助版
  • 28個騎士 (4種顏色,各7隻)
  • 56個村莊 (4種顏色,各14座)
  • 8個要塞 (4種顏色,各2座)
  • 20個城市 (4種顏色,各5座)
  • 80個資源板塊
  • 36個領土板塊
  • 1個起始玩家指示物
  • 內含1份規則說明書 (繁體中文)

Barony 騎士紋章 | 香港桌遊天地 Welcome on Board Game Club Hong Kong | 二人 策略 中世紀


In Barony, players are ambitious barons trying to extend their dominion over the land! Who will succeed and become the new king?

At the beginning of the game, players create the board at random with nine tiles per player; each tile comprises three hexagons, with each hexagon being one of five landscape types: forest, plains, field, mountain, lake. Players then each place three cities on the game board, with a knight in each city. They then take turns in clockwise order, with each player taking exactly one action from the six possible actions:

Recruitment: Add two knights to a city, or three knights if the city is adjacent to a lake.

Movement: Move one or two of your knights one space each. A knight can’t enter a lake (blub), a mountain with an opposing pawn, or any space with an opponent’s city or stronghold or two knights of the same opposing color. If you move a second knight into a space with an opposing pawn or village, remove those tokens and take one resource from the village owner.

Construction: Remove one or more of your knights from the game board and replace each with a village or stronghold, gaining one resource token matching the landscape under the structure.
New City: Replace one of your villages with a city and earn 10 victory points (VPs).

Expedition: Remove two knights from your reserve, placing one back in the box out of play and the other on any empty space on the edge of the game board.

Noble Title: Discard at least 15 resource points, then upgrade your title: baron to viscount, then count, marquis, and finally duke.

Once any player has gained the title of duke, finish the round, then tally the VPs, with players scoring for resources still in their possession, their rank in the game, and the number of cities they built. Whoever has the most VPs wins.


  • 36 territory tiles
  • 1 score board
  • 1 first player token
  • 112 wooden pawns
  • 28 knights
  • 20 cities
  • 8 strongholds
  • 56 villages
  • 84 tokens
  • 80 resources
  • 4 scoring
  • Rulebook


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