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《Cacao 可可亞》讓所有玩家沈浸在「神之果國度」的異國情調當中!這是一個棋盤式的板塊放置遊戲,玩家將扮演部落的酋長,領導你的族人種植與交易可可果來創造榮耀與財富,透過獲取不同資源,來經營自己的部落。

可可亞Cacao|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|經濟類輕策略家庭親子遊戲2-4人

簡單的規則,卻包裹著不簡單的策略性,又巧妙地與主題結合。耐玩的豐富度、精緻的配件與盒裝設計,讓《Cacao 可可亞》成為全家大小都愛不釋手的刺激遊戲!


可可亞Cacao|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|經濟類輕策略家庭親子遊戲2-4人


  • 44個工人板塊
  • 4 個部落板塊
  • 4 個木製挑水伕
  • 28 個叢林板塊
  • 20 個木製可可果
  • 12 個太陽神信物
  • 48 個金幣
  • 1 本規則書
  • 1 張叢林板塊一覽表

🔗 中文規則說明書下載 (PDF)

🔗 Download English Rulebook (PDF)

適用卡套: 4.7×4.7cm (47x47mm) 約72 張卡牌

*Rules in Chinese included 內含中文說明書

可可亞Cacao|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|經濟類輕策略家庭親子遊戲2-4人





Cacao is a tile-placement game that immerses players in the exotic world of the “fruit of the Gods”. As the chief of your tribe, you must lead your people to prosperity through the cultivation and trade of cacao — and to do that, you’ll need to put them to work in the best way possible.

In the game, each player has an individual deck of square worker tiles, with the number of workers on each side of the tile varying from tile to tile. The playing area starts with only a couple of jungle tiles in play: a cacao field and a small market; two jungle tiles are laid face up, and the remaining jungle tiles stacked as a draw pile.

可可亞Cacao|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|經濟類輕策略家庭親子遊戲2-4人

On a player’s turn, he places one of her worker tiles on the board adjacent to one or more jungle tiles already in play, then (if two worker tiles are next to an empty space) adds one of the jungle tiles to the playing area in this space. Her workers then get busy and deliver the results of their effort: If you placed workers next to a cacao field, you receive one or two cacao markers per worker; if they’re next to a market, you can choose to sell one cacao marker per worker at the listed price; if next to a well, you receive water; if next to a temple, they stand and look good until the end of the game; and so on. He then refills her hand from her personal deck to three worker tiles.

Once all players have used all of their worker tiles, the game ends. Players score (or lose) points based on their water supply, and each temple rewards whichever players sent the most workers to it. In the end, whoever has collected the most gold wins.


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