Coffee Roaster 咖啡烘焙師


  • 一人也可以玩的桌上遊戲
  • 咖啡豆烘焙主題22種來自世界各地的咖啡豆種等你挑戰
  • 日本超人氣商品正式中文授權版
  • Brew the richest blends and score high in this solo puzzle.
  • Simulate the process of roasting coffee beans starting from choosing coffee beans out of the 22 varieties
  • Chinese-English bilingual version

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介紹 Description


遊戲方式,是將咖啡豆圓片從袋子中取出,讓咖啡豆越烘越濃郁,除了此遊戲隨機要素以外,順著遊戲回合的進行,控制袋子中咖啡豆的比例更是這個遊戲的重點。遊戲中的咖啡豆種類有22種,每一種豆子需要的風味都不相同, 從生豆開始烘焙讓美味加分,一起成為咖啡烘焙大師吧。


Welcome On Board 桌遊天地及 Smoothie Games 為本產品於香港地區的聯合獨家代理,負責推廣、批發、零售及支援。

想了解更多這個遊戲? 請到我們的《Coffee Roaster 咖啡烘焙師》香港官方遊戲專頁




  • 咖啡豆紙圓片 x144
  • 特殊效果板塊 x5
  • 烘焙圖板 (基本版與簡易版)
  • 布袋 x1
  • 木製回合標記 x1
  • 木製濃度方塊 x1
  • 咖啡豆種類卡 x1
  • 烘焙紀錄表 x1
  • 幫助卡 x1
  • 說明書 x1


Coffee Roaster is a solitaire pool-building game. You choose a variety of coffee beans you want to roast, and put a number of tokens specific to that variety into a bag. Each turn, you draw a number of bean tokens randomly from the bag to advance their roast level. When you are finished, you make a cup-testing to check the taste of your coffee and score points accordingly. Each variety has its own target roast level, but approaching the target is not enough for perfect roasting; you also have to even out the roast level of each bean, while not spoiling the flavor of that variety. You also have to screen out smoke tokens and burnt bean tokens that hinder your roasting, and reject bean tokens that spoil the taste. It is important to control the contents of your bag utilizing flavor effects and unique effects caused by placing tokens on the roast board. There are 22 varieties of beans in the game. In one game, you try to roast three of them, and your roaster title is awarded based on the total score. Enjoy the world of coffee-roasting, and aim for the ultimate title “Meister”.

This product is the Chinese-English bilingual version officially licensed for sole distribution in Hong Kong jointly by Welcome On Board and Smoothie Games.

🔗 BoardGameGeek BGG Game Page
🔗 Official web page by the game designer & publisher Saashi & Saashi

其他資料 Other Info

玩家人數 Players


適合年齡 Age


遊玩時間 Playing Time

10-30 mins

語言 Language

繁體中文 Traditional Chinese, 英文 English

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