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五彩貧民窟Favela|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|美術感益智拼圖遊戲2-4人

五彩貧民窟Favela|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|美術感益智拼圖遊戲2-4人



玩家人數: 2 – 4 (最佳: 4人)
時長: 30-45 分鐘
適合年齡: 8+
出版商: 弈乎桌游(中文)
設計師: Chris Bryan
美工: Brigette Indelicato Kwanchai Moriya
桌游機制:區域控制 板塊放置




Favelas is a tile-laying game about the beautification of the iconic favelas of Rio de Janeiro! These stacked and ever-evolving neighborhoods are home to many people who stand to benefit greatly from this infusion of money, modernization, and beauty.

The bad news is that the council who will approve the funding is fickle and constantly coming back with notes which alter the value of the colors that are used in this beautification.

Played over three rounds, this fast-moving Euro-style game will keep people watching for the majorities their opponents are going for — and which colors are being devalued or not.


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