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這擴充為《Good Cop Bad Cop 無間風雲》這警區帶來更多背叛、猜疑、欺詐!




無間風雲擴充合輯Good Cop Bad Cop Expansion|香港桌遊天地Welcome on Board Game Club|推理臥底派對聚會遊戲Party Game4-8人



In Good Cop Bad Cop: Bombers and Traitors, an expansion to the hidden identity and deduction game Good Cop Bad Cop, players may still be either Honest or Crooked cops, but two new roles are added: Traitor and Suicide Bomber. Honest and Crooked players are still trying to eliminate the opposing team’s leader to win the game, the Suicide Bombers are trying to be eliminated before the leaders, and the Traitors are trying to remain alive when one of the leaders goes down. The expansion also expands the game down to 3-8 players.

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In Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover, the second expansion for Good Cop Bad Cop, you are leaving your badge and uniform at home as you go undercover as a common criminal to get to the bottom of who’s honest and who’s crooked around here. Good luck!

In Good Cop Bad Cop, your identity is determined by three cards in front of you. You’re either Honest or Crooked and you need to find the leader of the opposing team so that you can take a gun and take ’em out.

This expansion adds a unique ability for each player (their undercover assignment), twelve additional Equipment cards, and a Cover, which lets you protect one of your Integrity cards from investigation.

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