Marvel Champions: The Once and Future Kang Scenario Pack 漫威傳奇再起: 時空超越者康劇情包


Marvel Champions: The Card Game – The Once and Future Kang Scenario Pack
漫威傳奇再起: 卡牌遊戲 – 時空超越者康 劇本補充包


繁體中文版 Chinese version

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《The Once and Future Kang 時空超越者康》劇本補充包是《Marvel Champions 漫威傳奇再起》的一款擴充。


此中文版劇情包的73張卡牌包含一段全新劇情,收錄了六種獨特版本的時空穿越暴君,康!必須配合《Marvel Champions 漫威傳奇再起》核心包進行遊玩。



🔗 中文規則說明書下載 (PDF)


Marvel Champions:Once and Future Kang Scenario Pack漫威傳奇再起:時空超越者康劇情包|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Hong Kong|復仇者卡牌遊戲Avengers Card Game

Prepare yourselves, mortal heroes! You have been tested before by the likes of Green Goblin or the Wrecking Crew, and you’ll soon be able to take on Hydra with The Rise of Red Skull campaign expansion. But you have never faced a villain with the futuristic technology, awe-inspiring intellect, and time-altering powers of Kang the Conqueror!

Few villains have challenged you in the same way as the indomitable Kang will in The Once and Future Kang scenario pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. You’ll face Kang in the present day and across the multifarious timestreams, battling his incarnations through the centuries in a scenario that’s unlike any other. With expert versions of Kang to swap in if you’re looking for a greater challenge and three modular encounter sets that you can pull into this scenario or any other, The Once and Future Kang promises to push you and your fellow heroes to their limits.

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