Marvel Champions: The Rise of Red Skull 漫威傳奇再起: 紅骷髏的崛起


Marvel Champions: The Card Game – The Rise of Red Skull
漫威傳奇再起: 卡牌遊戲 – 紅骷髏的崛起


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– 紅骷髏,約翰•施密特 (Red Skull, John Smith)

Marvel Champions Rise of Red Skull漫威傳奇再起紅骷髏的崛起|香港桌遊天地 Welcome on Board Game Club Hong Kong|卡牌遊戲Card Game

這盒擴充收錄265張卡片的大型擴充,將讓你和朋友與邪惡的紅骷髏(Red Skull)、九頭蛇部隊(Hydra),以及效命於他們的冷血僱傭兵一較高下。紅骷髏的崛起採用了五個煥然一新、風格迥異的相關的劇情,編織一個刺激的動作冒險故事,準備給滿腔熱血的英雄們前所未有的挑戰!


擴充必須配合《Marvel Champions 漫威傳奇再起》核心包進行遊玩



The nefarious organization known as Hydra has insidiously spread its tentacles through all of society, corrupting governments and subverting justice around the world. Their dark plots may begin with an unexpected attack on Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., but you can be certain that there are tendrils running deep below the surface. Your battle against evil is only beginning…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Rise of Red Skull, the first campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

The Rise of Red Skull boasts a massive infusion of new content for your games of Marvel Champions. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman join your roster of heroes with fully pre-built and ready-to-play player decks stuffed with new cards. Whether you’re playing these new heroes or relying on old favorites, you can test their mettle against five brand-new villains: Crossbones, Absorbing Man, Taskmaster, Zola, and Red Skull. Each of these five scenarios offers a unique challenge, and while you can simply choose a villain to battle, this campaign expansion lives up to its name with the introduction of campaign mode to Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

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