Monza 20th Anniversary 小小賽車手: 20周年紀念版



英文版 (附線上中文說明書)

Players race by placing their dice in sequence to be the first to cross the finish.

2–4 Players / 15–30 Min Playing Time / Age: 5+
English version

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《Monza 20th Anniversary 小小賽車手: 20周年紀念版》(英文)限定的精緻鐵盒中包含了最適合大小孩一起同樂的桌遊!能訓練色彩辨識、規劃組合的骰子賽車遊戲。



Monza 20th Anniversary 小小賽車手: 20周年紀念版 |香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Hong Kong|親子兒童訓練色彩辨識益智遊戲2-6人


Monza 20th Anniversary Edition — game preview at 2020

GoKids玩樂小子 - Monza 小小賽車手 規則影片


*Rules in English 內含英文說明書

🔗 中英文規則說明書下載 (PDF)



In Monza, players need a fast car, a good strategy, and a bit of luck to win this racing game. The colored dice indicate the spaces on the track that you can to drive on, but which lane should you take and when should you start trying to passing the competition? The player who crosses the finish line first wins!

This reimplementation of a HABA classic celebrates the game’s 20th Anniversary with a limited edition metal embossed tin, metallic painted dice, new Advanced Driver variants, and a new track!

2–4 Players / 15–30 Min Playing Time / Age: 5+
English version

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