Scythe: Metal Mechs


中文名稱: 鐮刀戰爭 / 又稱: 戰鐮

Metal mech miniature set as upgrade acceossory for the board game Scythe.

English version
1–5 Players / 90–115 min / Age: 14+

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介紹 Description

鐮刀戰爭/戰鐮金屬機械人Figure Scythe: Metal Mechs|香港桌遊天地Welcome On Board Game Club Hong Kong|經濟科幻戰鬥策略遊戲1-5人

Scythe: Metal Mechs is an individually numbered, foil embossed boxed set containing 1 metal mech (inkwashed zinc) from each faction. The mechs are protected by a felt-lined insert with a clear plastic lid for display. This second print run is limited to exactly 4000 sets.


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