Soulaween 蒐靈祭


2019年香港書展熱賣No.1! 結合棋藝與角色能力的雙人對戰桌遊,規則簡單但帶強烈的鬥智、推理、佈局等要素,極度考驗頭腦。

A 2-player game comes with Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese rulebooks.


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介紹 Description

《Soulaween 蒐靈祭》是一款結合棋藝與角色能力的雙人對戰桌遊,在遊戲中,兩位玩家將扮演死神訓練生,必須巧妙地在靈魂棋盤上藉由「下棋」與「翻棋」,讓同色的棋子形成一直線來蒐集靈魂,誰能夠搶先於對手蒐集到三組靈魂,便能贏得「Soulaween」!

網上書展價 Soulaween 蒐靈祭 | 香港桌遊天地 Welcome on Board Game Club Hong Kong

Welcome On Board 桌遊天地及 Smoothie Games 為本產品於香港地區的聯合獨家代理,負責推廣、批發、零售及支援。

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Its name originated from a proverb of the school, “Soul to win”, which means reaping souls to claim victory.

Legend has it, that long ago at Death School there was an accident, causing souls to flee and disperse in chaos. The teachers and students took it as a race, competing the speed of recollecting souls, and solved the crisis of the realm of death.

This year, Papa Death, Osiris, Hei & Bai Wuchang along with their trainees converge in “Soulaween”, with Teacher Vulture as their judge, are ready to engage in the rival of “reaping souls”……!

In “Soulaween”, each player acts as a guide of souls or a trainee, whose goal is to reap souls that line up in a chain. In order to achieve that, one has to “Put” and “Flip” the Soul Pieces cleverly. Whoever reaps 3 sets of souls before the opponent does wins “Soulaween”!

There are simple mode and standard mode to choose from. We suggest that first-timers try the simple mode first to get familiar with the game, before they play the standard mode.

This product is officially licensed for sale and sole distribution in Hong Kong jointly by Welcome On Board and Smoothie Games. The product provides a multilingual rulebook including Chinese, English and Japanese languages.

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其他資料 Other Info

玩家人數 Players


適合年齡 Age


遊玩時間 Playing Time

15-30 mins

語言 Language

日文 Japanese, 繁體中文 Traditional Chinese, 英文 English

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