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Inspired by the Black Death during the European medieval period, in the game everyone plays as a Grim Reaper and takes turns being the host who manipulates the Plague Doctor. The host in turn leads the Plague Doctor to visit a patient and make a diagnosis, then all players judge the patient by voting and exercising their privilege. When a player completes the mission of their party, they can claim victory immediately.

Comes with multilingual rulebook including Chinese, English and Japanese.

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介紹 Description

維塔穆斯,那是一個瘟疫肆虐的王國,人民們只能哭泣,絕望的等待死亡 ── 直到瘟疫醫生出現,戴著鳥嘴面具的他透過精湛的醫術,醫好一個又一個注定死亡的病人。縱然,被他醫好的其實只是少數,更多病人在他的診治之下依然無力回天,但對維塔穆斯來說,這已經是一線生機了!

Vita Mors 維塔穆斯 | 香港桌遊天地 Welcome on Board Game Club Hong Kong

《Vita Mors 維塔穆斯》是一個結合陣營、心計、投票與手牌管理的桌遊。在遊戲中,所有玩家扮演著死神,手握生死硬幣,玩弄瘟疫醫生並掌控王國人民的生死。玩家們合力透過投票、發動特權來恩准他們活著,又或者賜予他們死亡。遊戲的最後,誰能主導生死運行的規律,就是贏家!


Welcome On Board 桌遊天地及 Smoothie Games 為本產品於香港地區的聯合獨家代理,負責推廣、批發、零售及支援。

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Vitamors, a plagued kingdom, is filled with nothing but woes and desperation. The plague doctor, wearing a beak-like mask, tries to steal lives from the Grim Reapers, again and again, with great effort. Most of the time, his effort is all wasted under the Grim Reaper’s manipulation. However, those who come back to life still render hopes to the people of Vitamors.

VITA MORS is a card game featuring secret identity, partnerships, voting, and hand management. Everyone plays as a Grim Reaper, with the VITA-MORS coin in their hands, messes up with the plague doctor, and controls the destiny of the people in the kingdom Vitamors. Through voting and exercising privilege, players get to determine whether a character should live or die. At the end of the game, the one who makes the pattern of life and death the same as they wish, will eventually become the winner.

This product is officially licensed for sale and sole distribution in Hong Kong jointly by Welcome On Board and Smoothie Games. The product provides a multilingual rulebook including Chinese, English and Japanese languages.

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其他資料 Other Info

玩家人數 Players


適合年齡 Age


遊玩時間 Playing Time

15-30 mins

語言 Language

日文 Japanese, 繁體中文 Traditional Chinese, 英文 English

產品編號 SKU


出版 Publisher

玩聚設計 PWU Design

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