Welcome on Board 桌遊天地 成立於2014年,是香港新界西北屯門、元朗地區佔有領導地位的一間桌上遊戲專賣店,集數百款桌遊(board game)的試玩、零售、遊戲玩樂體驗區及Party場地於一身,加上網上商店線上線下並行服務。我們致力尋找世界各地特色桌遊,包括向中國大陸及台灣出版商引進各種新穎刺激可玩性高的桌遊,團隊更親身前往德國埃森Essen世界最矚目的桌遊展搜羅商談代理權,匯聚多元化選擇,讓顧客享受桌遊帶來的種種樂趣。




Welcome on Board is a renowned board game retailer in Hong Kong and in leading position in Northwest New Territories. We provide hundreds of board game demos, products and party service. We are committed to look for a wide range of board game all over the world. By visiting Essen Game Fair, a worldwide biggest boardgame trade fair annually and introducing various new and exciting board games from China and Taiwan, we aim to provide customers with more diversified and interesting games.

Our team is equipped with good knowledge of different board games and is able to pick the right game and provide professional guidance and support to players.

The board games offered here are suitable for players of different ages, children, students, working people, parents and the elderly are our target customers. We are also invited by social welfare organizations or schools from time to time to promote suitable board games and provide training to teachers, social workers and the people they serve.

We endeavor to create a new gaming experience for players and devote to exceed customers expectation with our exceptional service.

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